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“June took amazing care of our 4 week old daughter for almost 3 weeks. We felt completely at ease with June’s ability to care for her, comfort her and help establish a sleeping schedule . June cared for our daughter as if she were her own and we never thought twice about handing her off to June when she arrived for the evening. It is without outmost confidence that I would recommend June to anyone in need of a fantastic night nurse, I know we will be using her again the next time we are back in Florida!”                  K. Irvin

“Juneevan is a great person and professional. She made my experience as a first time mom so Much better, taking care of my baby at night, so I Could sleep or enjoy some time out with my Husband.

I felt at ease with her since the first day. I learned a lot of tricks to take care of the baby, Feeding him, finding out why he was crying and the Best ways to make him sleep. She put him on a Schedule and when she left, it was much easier And I felt more confident. It’s almost like my kid Had a grandma, without her being too personal.

She was very clean and tidy, wearing her scrubs At all times. Junevaan also helped me a lot with the baby Clothes, hand washing and ironing everything. She was flexible with her schedule, if I wanted Her at 6pm or 9pm, she could always Accommodate us.

I would absolutely recommend her.”

Diana DeTravieso.

“June was with us since the first day back from the hospital and we don’t know what we would have done without her! She was great with the baby and was incredibly knowledgeable. She did an amazing job teaching us how to care for the baby – down to every detail.  She taught us how to bathe, clothe, feed, burp, swaddle, and much more.

She also knew exactly how to do post-circumcision care, which was so reassuring. Breastfeeding is one of the most significant challenges and June always had helpful words of wisdom and encouragement.  Not only is June great with the baby, she was great with us – specifically managing our anxieties as new parents!  We miss her terribly and wish she could stay forever. Come back to us, June!”

Sarah Stamler,
Miami, FL.
October 2015- January 2016

“I had major surgery and was blessed with June. She is truly an angel. She cared for my 1 year old everyday for weeks while I recovered. I would never trust anyone else with my kids. My children absolutely love her. She was amazing. Made sure Asher was happy and safe.”

Britni Odzer.

“I was lucky enough to have June as my newborn night nurse. After a scheduled C section and with this being my first child, I knew I would need to learn basically everything and would need the extra help after the surgery. June met me at my home the day I left the hospital and immediately I knew I had made the right choice. June put me at ease from the moment she stepped into my home. She taught me everything from how to feed, bathe, change, diaper, swaddle, cuddle and play safely with my new son. She answered every question and was patient, gentle and kind. I don’t know how I would have made it thru the first two weeks without her and wish I could have kept using her wonderful services longer.June still stays in touch with me, keeping tabs on my son and how he is progressing. She is still always available for a chat if I have any questions which really comes in handy when you don’t want to call your doctor all the time! I highly, highly recommend June and this agency. If you are looking for a warm, trustworthy, reliable, educated nanny, you will find her here.”

Julie Deutsch.

“Incredibly lucky to have had June in our lives!

My husband and I feel so incredibly lucky to have had June in our lives! From the second we came home from the hospital with our newborn baby girl, June was there to help us with every thing.

She taught me how to breastfeed, pump, and properly clean all the pumping equipment, and she taught us both how to bathe, swaddle, and care for our child. June showed us how to follow a routine and she answered any and all of our questions.

We cannot thank June enough for making our first experience as parents a remarkable one. She is caring, kind, wise, sensitive, and knows exactly what she is doing. We wish we could have June with us forever!!”

Abigail Zinn 6/11/16-6/24/16
West Palm Beach, FL.

“To whomever it may concern:
I hereby recommend Juneevan Maloney for infant care services. June took care of my triplets at night for 3 months when they were only 4 months. June has more than 20 years of experience and it shows. During the 3 months that June worked with us, she trained everyone in the house on the basics of feeding / sleep training / baby hygiene and she also organized the nursery in a more functional way.
June is fun to work with and was very affectionate with the babies. . I called her to train all my subsequent nannies (feedings, hygiene).
June is part of my family.
Feel free to reach out with any questions.

Best regards,

Pedro Tome | Client Development and Business Analysis Director | Louis Vuitton Americas | South, Caribbean and Mexico Region | p.tome@us.vuitton.com”

“Juneevan is a great person and works well with babies and small children. She did great work with my daughter and is always pleasant. I would recommend her in a heartbeat, very good person.”


“Hi, my name is Giff from the Cayman Islands. When I was a child, June came to work as a nanny for my mom who had 5 boys and 1 girl. She is an honest, dedicated, dependable, knowledgeable, hard-working lady who we grew to respect and love. She worked with us until we were no longer children anymore. She is also an excellent cook! I can definitely recommend her.”

Giff, Cayman Islands.